A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The source is a retro style platform adventure game with a mystery storyline that is similar in playability to the games Metroid by Nintendo and Cave story by Doukutsu Monogatari.

Kind square shaped creatures, called malas, are slowly turning in to monsters. Save those Malas from their doom by facing all types of enemies, bosses and obstacles.

Is the bad air the reason why Malas are turning in to monsters. Bosses and some Malas try to hamper the player from learning the true nature of the doctor. Most Malas believe that the doctor is the only one that can cure them before they turn into a monster like one Mala did. Are those Malas telling the truth, is there a sinister plan, or is there someone else responsible for the bad air quality?

Find your way out of a maze of pipes, avoid water currents that push you in an undesired direction, and help some Malas at the waiting room before time runs out.

Version 0.6.0 of this game can be finished in about 25 - 35 minutes. The Npcs say something different when a new boss is defeated. The game currently has 5 layers. Some items are hidden behind a wall but finding those object should not be difficult


  • Day and night system.
  •  Vines, water currents, special blocks, fall damage.
  •  Increased monsters based on power-ups.
  •  Fun for the entire family.
  •  Three gun power-ups.
  •  Player can enter pipes.
  •  Hidden objects.
  •  Lave pits and ice blocks.
  •  Zelda like maps.
  •  Ability to warp to different levels.
  •  Inventory system.

Options screen

  • Game play difficulty.
  •  Change the speed of the game (framerate).
  •  Cheat mode can be enabled.
  •  Player fall damage can be disabled.

There are three action buttons. Each item at the inventory screen can be set to any of the action buttons. Each map has a width of 25 tiles and a height of 15 tiles.

Some items that can be collected are swimming ability, flying hat, higher jump ability, different keys, heart containers and dog flute. Some objects are moving platforms, cannons, pipes and water current.

Current items (Might not be a complete list).

  • Antigravity Suit. Enable this to walk on the ceiling.
  • Diamonds. Select them all at a map to receive an increase to the players maximum health by one point.
  • Freeze gun Temporarily freeze monsters with this weapon. Able to stand on top of a frozen monster.
  • Normal gun. Normal pea shooter gun.
  • The flying hat. Player can fly up but gravity tugs against that force.
  • key There are four keys to collect. Currently there are two keys in the game. This key only opens a green door.
  • Dog flute. When a nice flute sound is played then there is a dog some where at the current map.
  • Swimming skill Player is able to swim in the water. Without this item, the player can only walk at the bottom of the water.
  • Special block item. There are eight different special blocks to collect. When a special block is collected, the player is able to destroy an object of this type.
  • jump higher. Player is able to jump higher.
  • Increase maximum health. Increase the maximum health by 3.
  • Increase bullet speed Increase the speed of the bullets fired from the normal gun.
  • Flame weapon. This weapon hits anything in its current path and is the most powerful weapon not currently in the game.

Current Objects (Might not be a complete list).

  • Jumping Pad. If these objects are on the sides of the wall, the player can use them to jump up to the next jumping pad.
  • Lava Block. Every one second the player will receive 1 hit point in damage when touching this object.
  • Falling Spike. This spike falls from the ceiling.
  • Cannon. Avoid the cannon balls.
  • Treasure chest. Currently not in the game.
  • Teleporter. Teleport to a different level.
  • Computer. Currently in game but disabled.
  • Moving platform. There are three types of moving platforms.
  • Shovel that the Malas use to dig the grass weeds for the doctor.
  • Watering can. Watering can that the Malas use to water the grass weeds.
  • Cage. Part of a cage.
  • Disappearing block. Player can stand on this block but only for a short time. Block appears and disappears within a set time.
  • Breakable block.
  • Pipe. Player can enter the pipe.
  • Water. Player and monsters move at about 1/3 the normal speed.
  • Air bubbles. The air bubbles will restore the air left in the players lungs.
  • Water current. Player is forced to move in the direction of the water current.
  • Part of rope. Increased size of part of a rope that the player swings from.
  • Special block that hampers the progress of the player. There are eight different blocks.
  • Spikes. Touch these and the player health decreases a bunch. There are currently 9 traps. Some are not in the game.
  • Sign. Sign. Read a text.
  • Rocks. Many rocks of different sizes.
  • Laser beam.
  • Grass weed.
  • Fire balls circle this block.
  • Door There are four door types but only two are in the game. Player can only pass this door by using a key of the same color.
  • Flying hat The flying hat can only be activated by standing on this platform

The game has an ending. However, because this is an open source project, the game will continue to be updated and new versions released. Therefore, if you like this game and want to play it again then you should download the release from Space Castle releases.

This game is beta and all feedback is welcome. If you see a bug then please post a detail about how to reproduce the bug at Space Castle issues.


SpaceCastle-Windows-CPP.zip 23 MB
SpaceCastle-Linux-CPP.zip 24 MB